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"Normal" Teen Collab

I started making this page for the rules, and such, so that would explain why it looks like it was made in such a hurry. It really wasn't ^_^; It took me a long time to edit the html code for this page.

But anyways, onto the rules.


If you want to look at the rules on the OW Forum, the link to it is HERE
1. Try to keep the clothes somewhat decent
2. Base deadline: August 9th
Voting deadline: August 11th
3. Each collab artist must have three outfits.
4. No maximum oufit amount
5. Everything in black boxes.
6. Name your .bmp or .gif as follows:
First three letters of artist name
And then andrea or teen
So mine would be maiteen.gif

Okay, that's it for this page right now. When a base is decided on, I will post it here.